• TacFire Bandit check-in

Hi! It's nice that you've swang by! ;)

Well, yes... We are a small group of homies with the military background. Having made up our service to our country, now we enjoy civilian life doing what we like and enjoy ;) - we spend a lot of time at the shooting range, meet other homies from the times of our service (and not only) and we're looking for a ventures here and there...

We also run a clothing brand that is supposed to be "loose" and "everyday" casual apparel. We design the graphics ourselves, entrusting the technical craftsmanship of our concepts to specialists in this field, namely graphic designers and illustrators.

We are not only a part of the community of veterans, but also active soldiers, sports, tactical and recreational shooters. Often, all these circles intertwine with each other, generating new acquaintances, exchanging experiences or simply allowing us to spend some time together, like at the shooting range ... We want to contribute to the further development of this community, just as we want you to have an impact on the development of our brand ... :)

All the themes in the collections are individually designed by us.
BUT - easy! Check for yourself and make a decision ...;)

Check also what is happening on our Instagram @tacfire.bandit